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Wedding Stress and How to Deal

Wedding stress is unfortunately something you may not be able to avoid. In our regular lives we all experience some form of stress whether work, financial, illness or home. Now, you are getting married and it will most likely bring your stress level even higher.

There is so much to do and you want everything to be perfect. If you have a fiance who is supportive, a close family and really good friends, this will help to alleviate some of your anxiety. What are some of the areas that brides get worked up about?

First and probably the most important is finances. As we all know, weddings are very expensive and the days of making money from your wedding are far and few between. You most likely have a car payment and or mortgage and now you are adding on another expense. Second, is the wedding dress, hair, makeup and accessories you select. This is probably the first time you are a bride and the wedding dress says it all. It has to be perfect and represent who you are. Selecting the right venue, bar, menu and entertainment can also create anxiety. What is the one thing guests always say they remember from a wedding…that’s right, the food and the music.

Let’s not forgot the one area that seems to pop up amongst many of my brides, which is family conflict. You are spending so much time trying to please both sides of the family that small arguments can take place and in the end unfortunately, the fighting becomes between you and your fiance. Keep your communication open and listen to each other and find a solution to the problem together.

This really all does sound worse than it is. It’s very normal to experience all of these at one time or another during the wedding planning stages. You are not alone or not crazy. When you feel that your stress level has reached the highest point, step back, take a deep breathe or exercise. Ultimately, you are in charge and you have the power to change the way you feel and how you look at things. Don’t sweat the small stuff and especially don’t worry about the silliest of things. The guests are not aware of what you planned so if something goes wrong, no one will know but you.

Romantic Wedding Dress Styles

Searching for romantic wedding dresses is easier than one would think. Of course there are certain styles that lend more to a romantic setting than others. These are the top styles a bride should consider if she’s planning a wedding that will be filled with romance for her and her bow as well as all the guests.

Lace Around a Pretty Face

What could be more stunning than romantic wedding dresses that feature lace? From the very delicate Chantilly lace to a boulder style of Alencon, one can find it on all the runways worldwide when it comes to current wedding styles. There’s no doubt that lace is inherently romantic and has been throughout much of history.

“Chiffon Wedding Dresses”

Expect to see some modern touches with the classic lace styles. Amazing graphic patterns, soft layers and shimmering applies are featured in the newest styles. Lace dresses come in:

· High-low hemlines

· Illusion necklines

· Fit and flare

· Lace Mermaid

· Corset Ball Gown

· V-neck Sheath

· A-line and Layers

Ruffles and Tulle

Just like lace, ruffles and tulle or delicate materials that are layered and flowing lend themselves to the realm of the most romantic wedding dresses ever. Skip the tight, modern look of satin and go with anything airy and soft. While ruffles made with satin stand firm, those made from organa and soft tulle will give the bride an angelic look with ease. Mix them with lace and then they become even more stunning.

Many 2016 gowns feature a mixture of materials, for example an organa gown with a lace bodice and a satin bow. The easiest way to tell apart romantic wedding dresses from others is the soft, draped look. They can be cap sleeve, sleeveless or feature shear or lace sleeves and as stated above they can be any length or style, with the most popular being ball gown style. Empire waistlines are also very popular.


Still popular as ever, feathered romantic wedding gowns are a top choice amongst today’s brides. Feathers are soft and help the bride look dreamy as she walks down the aisle or drifts across the dance floor. Think angelic when choosing one of these gowns, that’s a look that will easily be achieved.

Just like romantic wedding gowns, feathers come in all colors but soft colors are best. Stick with traditional white, off white, peach, pink, champagne and other light colors to create a romantic wedding atmosphere. The best part of having a few feathers on the wedding dress is that they work so well with wedding décor. The couple is sure to enjoy the overall look of their celebration when there are soft, airy feathers incorporated.


Another tip for choosing romantic wedding dresses, and having an overall romantic theme is to keep it simple. Romance is a simple thing, honest and true to itself it doesn’t try to call much attention. So skip the shimmering and glittery elements and go with both a dress and décor that is straightforward, clean and simple.

Guests will be in awe of the beauty that surrounds them. They’ll immediately equate the simple designs to an honest love that’s being celebrated. Don’t overdo it on the bridal accessories. A lace veil, pearl jewelry and soft makeup is perfect to portray a romantic look.