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How To Find The Right Wedding Dress For Your Beach

The beach is not only relaxed, it’s also very casual; therefore, you will be very comfortable. Are you planning of doing your wedding on the beach? Here are tips on how to find the right wedding dress:

Consider the material of the outfit

Since you will be in a relaxed environment you should go for a wedding dress that is light, flowing and doesn’t wrinkle. As rule of thumb you should avoid thick, heavy materials such as brocade or velvet.

Some of the best materials that you should consider going for are: charmeuse, chiffon, crepe. It’s also wise to consider other materials such as batiste, duchesse satin, damaske, and illusion nets. All of these are light thus will do very well in the beach wind.

Practicality of the dress

When buying your wedding dress you should remember that the beach isn’t a controlled environment thus you have to contend with wind. You also have to walk in sand and pose near the water. Due to this you should avoid dresses that have a large train to prevent the train from being caught up in the sand.

If you are planning of walking in water, you should go for a shorter dress. In addition to the wedding dress you should also consider your shoes. The best way of going about it is going barefoot.

If you are uncomfortable going barefoot you should choose shoes that will allow you to walk comfortably in the sand. For example, you can go for flat sandals. If you are classy you should consider going for thong sandals that have been embellished with stones, crystals and other adornments.

Wear the right jewelry

Since it will be sunny and hot, you should avoid wearing too much jewelry. To keep the beach theme it’s wise that you go with simple hoop earrings and a nautical necklace.

When it comes to makeup, you should wear one that has SPF. You should also not forget your sunscreen.


These are the factors that you should consider when choosing the right dress for your beach wedding. To enjoy the day you should hire the right master of ceremony.

Chiffon Wedding Dresses

It would be stupid to ask an unmarried girl what her biggest wish is! Every one knows that a girl wishes to look like the most beautiful girl on earth on her wedding day. It is easy to make yourself a perfect bride if you consider the following tips:

Bridal Dress

To look like a perfect bride, the first and most important tip is to make sure you choose the right dress for yourself. Your dress is the first thing which strikes to others and as a bride, when all eyes are set on you; you better take a special care in choosing your dress. There are many different types of bridal dresses available in the market today, but it does not mean that you can choose any one of them that you like. All of them may not be perfect for you, for instance if you have freckles on your neck and lower part, and if you are even conscious of showing them, better hide them on your big day. For that, you should not pick a dress which exposes much of your neck and front part. It is very important for the bride to look confident on her special day; confidence gives way to beauty and elegance. Thus, wear what will make you feel confident and bold!

Chiffon wedding dresses are quite in fashion nowadays. These dresses are ideal for most of the brides because being made of chiffon; they are promisingly light, soft and smooth. These characteristics make the dress easy to carry for the bride.

Flower Bouquet

If you have chosen to wear chiffon bridal gown, then how about your flower bouquet wrapped in chiffon piece? This could be white or any other contrasting color. A bouquet is your important accessory so be careful in its selection!


Your bridal accessories can add elegance and beauty to you and your dress, if chosen correctly. Accessories such as veils, headbands and gloves can be best to use by the brides.

Bridal Shoes

With white bridal dresses, you can choose to wear shoes in white or silver colors. Remember to pick comfortable and soft pair of shoes since heels would not be comfortable with bridal gowns.


Light makeup would be the best choice. Do not over makeup yourself because that would make you lose the innocence and softness of your face.

Hire an Event Planner and Hair and Makeup Artist

That’s right. You want amazing pictures on your wedding day, hire a great photographer. You want even BETTER and more amazing photos on your wedding day, hire a great photographer, event planner and hair and makeup artist! Believe it or not, these other two experts are almost as important to your photos as the photographer you choose (as much as I hate to admit it).

As photographers, we can only do so much. We certainly wish we could do it all for you, but the reality is that we’re limited to taking amazing shots with creative angles, showing your best side and capturing all the excitement and joy that you and your fiance share on your wedding day. We can’t eliminate the stress that goes along with worrying about all the little details, and we certainly can’t create an amazing hairstyle or do your makeup. But we can tell you from experience that if you’re feeling stressed out because you’re worrying about all the little details, your makeup is melting away and/or your hair is frizzing, that’s what you’re going to notice in your pictures. And unfortunately, those tend to be the things that catch your attention in the pictures after-the-fact. That is why I recommend these other two experts that CAN eliminate those distractions. Need a few more reasons?

• A professional hair and makeup artist is trained not only to ensure you look your best, but understands classic looks versus the trends, and can help you balance the two. The result is a timeless elegance so years from now you don’t look back at your pictures and think “what was I thinking – I look like got married in 2010!”

Professional makeup artists are experts at applying product to show up in photos without making you look overly done. You won’t get the cake-like feeling and you’ll look flawless (in person and in your images). Many do-it-yourself brides don’t wear enough makeup and look washed out once that white dress goes on.

Hair artists will work with you to style your mane in a way that’s comfortable and lasting. You can decide whether you want to have your photos taken before or after your ceremony without worrying if your hairstyle will hold up until later.

Event planners are trained to work with your photographer to keep you on a timeline that allows ample time to hit multiple locations and get in all the important people and shots that you want.

Despite the best-laid plans, things inevitably come up. Experienced event planners have seen it all and can “fix-it-all.”Pollen stain on your dress from your flowers? No problem – your event planner can help you clean it up, eliminating both the stain and the worry lines on your forehead. Stress is visible and shows up in pictures but if you have nothing to stress about, you’ll simply be enjoying yourself and that will shine through.

Locating and keeping tabs on all the important people you want in photos takes time, and event planners are also great at corralling wayward family, friends and guests to ensure they are ready to go when needed. Think about it – you’re spending thousands of dollars on your wedding (and probably spending a chunk of the budget on your photos). Since the images are the only thing you’ll have after the day is over, consider the extra money spent on an event planner and hair and makeup artists as an investment in your photography.

Ways to Accessorise Couture Wedding

By their very nature, couture wedding dresses, with their superb craftsmanship, demand attention. Brides-to-be seek a signature one-off piece that is imaginative, special and one that will complement all aspects of what is the most memorable day of their life. Accessorising to befit the gown is a considered affair, and one integral to the overall success of your look.

A designer of couture wedding dresses creates pieces with a definite sense of individuality that demand exquisite accessorising. Mindful of creating a complete look, the designer is qualified to give professional advice as to how they envisage the accessories flattering a particular gown. However, there is generally scope for tailoring to your particular taste, within the parameters of the designer’s vision. Below are five things to consider when accessorising your gown.

1. A tailored bolero crafted from delicate lace or silk doubles as a shield from the weather for those tying the knot in the cooler months, and a stunning statement piece with which to embellish bespoke couture wedding dresses.

2. An intricate custom-made veil flatters the blushing bride and adds a sense of tradition, mystery and completion to the bridal look. Your designer will advise you of possibilities and can work with you on the perfect look and design to complement your dress, face shape and occasion.

3. Your wedding dress can be complemented perfectly by meticulously crafted bespoke shoes. They can be decorated with embellishments, and customised to set off your gown. Bespoke shoes ensure the perfect fit and comfort; your special day needn’t be marred by sore feet.

4. Makeup of quality and a standard of application befitting couture wedding dresses must suit your location and theme. For a casual affair avoid dramatic, dark eyes or overly bright lips. Makeup with a light, even coverage won’t overpower your face.

A glamorous evening nuptial occasion calls for a more daring approach with lips and eyes. Make your eyes stand out by using shadow that contrasts with your eye colour. A bold lip colour can also add that ‘wow’ factor. Choose to focus on either eyes or lips as dramatising both tends to be overkill.

A spray tan can also accessorise your gown beautifully, but don’t overlook the fact that you may need to update your make-up shades accordingly.

5. Jewellery choice can make or break a look, if choosing a statement piece, or one of sentimental value, be sure to consult your designer to ensure it is in keeping with the overall look of the outfit and occasion. It may be wise to remember the wise words of Coco Chanel who famously declared, “I always take off one piece of jewellery before I leave the house to ensure I’m not overdoing it.”

Tips for Trying on Wedding Dresses

One of the biggest moments of your wedding is selecting your wedding dress. All brides can’t wait to go dress shopping and find that perfect dress just suited for them. Here are a few shopping tips that can help you along the way.

Don’t do it alone. Always take someone from the bridal party, close friend or your mom with you. Receiving opinions on the style and type of dresses you try on from your trusted family and friends is not only important but helps relieve a bit of the stress. Don’t take an entourage with you though as so many different opinions will make it even more confusing for you to choose.

Never wear makeup or lipstick. The dresses are mainly white and some may be difficult to get into. The last thing you want is to have red lipstick, mascara or foundation on them. What if you find the “one” but it had a makeup spot. Sure things can be cleaned but you want that dress to be perfect. It’s also just being considerate for the next bride who tries on that gown.

Don’t forget your undergarments. Always wear or bring with you a strapless bra or corset in your correct size. If you happen to have the shoes or jewelery picked out bring that along as well so you can see how everything flows. If you are wearing your hair up for the wedding then put it up when trying on the dresses.

Buying the dress. This is a bit tricky. Some brides will put a dress on and know this is the one and will purchase it immediately while others will shop from store to store, and go on-line to make sure they have scouted out many different designs and styles. I do hear that many brides always go back to the first dress they tried on. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by trying dresses on for months. I promise you will know when you find the “perfect one”. Once you put it on it will just feel right.

Size of the Dress: You should buy a dress that it a little big for you and can be altered. If the dress is purchased a year before the wedding remember that your weight may fluctuate during this time frame especially with a little added stress that comes with planning a wedding.

How to Design Your Wedding

Out of all your important days, wedding is one of the most memorable days and it holds a different place in your heart. We want our weddings to be large, small, personal, and public and other million things. But what we want the most is to look beautiful. Almost every bride I have seen looked drop dead gorgeous in lovely bridal dress and beautiful makeup.

Idea of perfect wedding dress varies from person to person. For some brides only vintage collection matters whereas for others their mom’s wedding dress looks amazing with a different touch! These days there are a variety of wedding gowns in the market and you have an option to design your own dress as well.

It is pretty easy to design your wedding dress if you have some rough idea about the dress and looks you would like to sport. With the help of friends and latest sewing machines almost everything gets possible and wearing self designed dress gives you more satisfaction than buying one. Here are some of the tips which you could use and design your wedding dress.

Magazines: When the wedding date gets finalized start looking for ideas everywhere. Look for clues, colours, and patterns. Read as many wedding magazines you can get hold of. Look for different fashion styles and model’s dress. Looking at websites and internet would give you ideas.

Sketch: do not hesitate to sketch your design. Even a rough sketch would do, it is better to sketch the design and give to the tailor. You can ask someone else to sketch it even but who knows what you wish better than yourself?

Models: You can choose models which look similar to you and start analysing which coloured bridal dress suits them. They must have been photographed in different locations with different kind of clothes on. It gives you better idea if you see someone. There are websites available these days to design your clothes. You can put your picture on the website and design clothes and put makeup online and see what suits you.

Fabric: Finding the right fabric matters a lot. There are situations when you should avoid a particular fabric totally. For example thin girls should avoid wearing body hugging fabrics etc. You can go to different shops and see which kind of material suits your body type.

If you get confused or are not able to design the dress you could buy it from a good shop nearby. There are various discounts on bridal gowns and you can buy a wedding dress under 100. You can also bargain wedding gowns and choose that perfect one for you. After all weddings are special and you need to get that perfect look and perfect wedding dress!

Bridal Hair and Makeup Traditions

When we talk about marriage, then everyone knows that it is the biggest day of the bride in her whole life. Many customs and traditions are followed in different areas of the world. However every bride wants to look beautiful among all others on her wedding day. Her makeup and hair should look perfect because bride is the name given to the perfection. In many religions like Islam, the brides have different types of traditions to follow keeping in mind her faith and religion. She can wear wedding makeup like all of the other brides of the world but in certain limits. Wedding makeup and wedding hair style shows the taste of the bride and her personality. In a traditional wedding, the bride has to cover her hair with a scarf during the ceremonies.

The first day of the wedding is Henna in which the patterns are made on her feet and hands. She wears scarf on her head and when the day of marriage comes, she wears makeup and jewelry. The traditional weddings are full of customs and beliefs. The brides who like short hair mostly lock their hair with the help of pins and clips and place small flowers in the hair. This brings more elegance to the beauty of the bride. She looks delicate like flowers and simple like nature. Many ornaments having jewels and stones are used all over the world and they are very precious. Brides like to wear them on their big day. The hair styles also include the piece of jewelry which is attached to the forehead with the help of pins and it hangs on the forehead. Many brides like to place their hair in chignon style in which the hair are pulled back tightly away from the face and parted straight in the middle.

The women who have long hair usually like to leave them straight open on their back. Long hair is a sign of beauty among females all around the world. In this style, the bride often makes braid and uses ornaments or jewelry items in the braid. Mostly flowers are used in the decoration of the braid. People think that making a braid of hair and then addition of fresh flowers in it will bring prosperity to the bride. This is considered as a symbol of good fortune in the future life ahead. In many places, the bride along with the groom is anointed with turmeric all over the body. This is considered to be good for skin and complexion. In modern areas the weddings are planned by the artists and the professionals. The makeup artists prepare the bride for her wedding day.

Every bride has right to look like a queen. Nowadays makeup artists help you to achieve that goal easily. Selecting the right makeup and hair style for the bride is very important for the bride. The dress color, the jewelry and the makeup must be in harmony and look beautiful. The bride must spend some time on the selection of the dress to wear on her wedding. It also depends upon the affordability of the bride. The photographer takes the snaps and saves your memories. You should have a meeting with your desired photographer before your wedding. Take the help of your friends and family women. Try searching online the best styles that suit you.

How To Wear Bridesmaid Dresses

New couples wear formal wedding dresses during the wedding ceremony, so bridesmaids will also wear bridesmaid dresses that coordinate with the wedding dresses in terms of color and style. Brides may have two or more dresses depending on the length and scale of the weddings, but one dress is usually enough for bridesmaids so it’s important to get it right.

Which Bridesmaid Dress Is Going To Look Great And Be Comfortable?

The style should be appropriate for a wedding and not too cumbersome. We also suggest that the color shouldn’t be strong like red or black; rather something tender such as pink, orange, champagne or pearlescent gray would be perfect. The principal rule of choosing bridesmaid dresses is not to be brighter and more noticeable than the bride’s dress. One thing to keep in mind is that the brides are always the star on that day.

The primary job for bridesmaids is to serve the bride, helping her to get ready and be prepared for the different parts of the day. It’s also a tough job to be bridesmaids as they may need to stay by the bride’s side all day long, walking around and carrying things. So the bridesmaids’ shoes should be comfortable, not too tight and with heels that aren’t too high or thin..

The Length Of The Dress

If it’s an indoor wedding and the occasion is formal, like in a church, and the bride wears a dress with a train, then the bridesmaid dresses should be formal too. To be specific, the skirt should reach the top of their shoes, but cannot be fuller than the bride’s, otherwise they might be in danger of stealing the bride’s thunder and could find it hard to help her with her train as she walks down the aisle.

If it’s an outdoor wedding, like on a lawn, the bridesmaid dresses can be short. This will be more comfortable as there’s a lot more movement and activity in outdoor weddings and bridesmaids have little time to take care of themselves. So a short skirt will be easy to wear and fuss-free.

The Color And The Style Of Bridesmaid Dresses

As mentioned, coordination with the wedding dress is a bridesmaid dresses main role. Therefore plain and light colors are a priority, but you’d better not choose white! Pink, champagne and light green may be good options. Those with wonderful design on the back are suggested, as bridesmaids may have more time to have their backs towards guests. A good option is to choose a lace-up back which is very attractive.

As to the styles, those such as low-cut dresses in which a big range of movements can easily lead to accidental exposure are better to be avoided. On the other hand, sheath dresses won’t have these problems as they hug the figure and won’t let anything fall out.


Obviously brides won’t carry bags with them, but bridesmaids should carry one to take things that the brides may need during the wedding. During the actual ceremony the bag should be ditched, but it should be kept easily to hand and contain emergency items such as makeup, safety pins for wardrobe issues, sanitary towels and anything else that the bride is likely to need in a hurry.


Get rid of anything that impedes your movement. An elegant necklace and a pair of crystal earrings are just fine. Avoid too much bling, as you are not the center of attention here.

How to Find a Beach Wedding

If you have decided that your dream wedding will be held on a beach, where white sands, clear water and lush greenery would be the background of your wedding, you’d better find a dress that would look perfect in such a wonderful natural setting. The following are some guidelines on choosing your perfect beach wedding dress.


Set aside a budget for your wedding dress as this is considered as one of the highlights of your wedding. You can look at wedding boutiques for this type of dress. Some upscale department stores also offer beautiful wedding dresses perfect for the beach setting. If you want to splurge a bit, you can purchase a famous designer wedding dress. It’s worth the price because you only get to have a wedding once in your life, thus it must be perfect in every detail.


Going to a wedding boutique or to a designer’s to look for sketches is a good idea, you can also communicate to the designer on what sort of dress you have in mind so that the designer can come up with something that you really love. Another option is to look for a ready-made dress at wedding stores, upscale department stores or on the internet. The internet has a wide array of summer beach dresses which cater to your budget and needs.

Material and Style

Since the wedding will be held outside, choose a material that is very lightweight such as crepe, charmeuse, cotton eyelet, and chiffon. You should stay away from organza, brocade and velvet. You want something that you can walk and move in easily especially if you’ll be strolling on the sand with your loved ones. Getting a long flowing train isn’t advisable since it’ll get dirty in the sand which does not look good on the pictures plus you might accidentally trip over it. Your dress should look casual but elegant. Don’t forget to have a coordinating look with your groom. His outfit should also be hassle free and comfortable to walk around in.


Never buy a wedding dress if it doesn’t fit or is two to three sizes smaller than your normal size. Don’t think that a crash diet would magically turn you two to three sizes smaller. For most women who’s insisting they can’t have their wedding if they haven’t bought the dress they saw on the net or at the mall, the only option is to get a good seamstress to see if she can make any adjustment to make it look as if it was specially made just for you.

How To Protect Your Wedding Dress

A wedding dress doesn’t come cheap; therefore, you need to take good care of it. While many bridal shops will keep the dress for you until a few days before your wedding, it’s wise that you know how to maintain the dress to prevent it from getting stains.

Proper storage

The most basic way of maintaining your dress is storing it properly. If you will be storing the outfit for less than six months you should hang it on a padded hanger in a closet. You should ensure that the closet is away from direct sunlight.

To prevent wrinkling you should keep the dress in such a way that you leave a few feet of distance on either side of the closet.

You should protect the dress from dust by covering it with a white cotton sheet. You should avoid using a plastic sheet as it will trap water causing mustiness and mildew. Plastic also tends to emit gases thus causing deterioration of the dress.

Be cautious during the wedding

To ensure that the outfit remains clean during the wedding you need to take a lot of caution. For example, if the outfit has to go over your head when wearing it you should prevent transferring your makeup to the dress by placing a lightweight cotton cloth over your face. When doing the final makeup you should drape a towel over your shoulders.

When travelling, you should be cautious of the seats that you sit on. Unless the seats are professionally cleaned, you should always spread a white sheet on the seat.

If you accidentally encounter a stain, you should immediately work on it. As rule of thumb you should spot treat it by working it from the edges towards the inside. For ideal results you should use a cotton swap to apply the cleaning mixture. When applying the mixture you should be cautious and avoid saturating the fabric.

Store the dress properly after wedding

When you are done with the wedding you should take the dress to the cleaner as soon as possible. You should take the outfit to the cleaner regardless of whether the dress is dirty or not. After cleaning, you should store the dress in an acid free box. To ensure that the cleaner packs the right dress, you should ask him/her to let you see the outfit before it’s packed.