Tips for Trying on Wedding Dresses

One of the biggest moments of your wedding is selecting your wedding dress. All brides can’t wait to go dress shopping and find that perfect dress just suited for them. Here are a few shopping tips that can help you along the way.

Don’t do it alone. Always take someone from the bridal party, close friend or your mom with you. Receiving opinions on the style and type of dresses you try on from your trusted family and friends is not only important but helps relieve a bit of the stress. Don’t take an entourage with you though as so many different opinions will make it even more confusing for you to choose.

Never wear makeup or lipstick. The dresses are mainly white and some may be difficult to get into. The last thing you want is to have red lipstick, mascara or foundation on them. What if you find the “one” but it had a makeup spot. Sure things can be cleaned but you want that dress to be perfect. It’s also just being considerate for the next bride who tries on that gown.

Don’t forget your undergarments. Always wear or bring with you a strapless bra or corset in your correct size. If you happen to have the shoes or jewelery picked out bring that along as well so you can see how everything flows. If you are wearing your hair up for the wedding then put it up when trying on the dresses.

Buying the dress. This is a bit tricky. Some brides will put a dress on and know this is the one and will purchase it immediately while others will shop from store to store, and go on-line to make sure they have scouted out many different designs and styles. I do hear that many brides always go back to the first dress they tried on. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by trying dresses on for months. I promise you will know when you find the “perfect one”. Once you put it on it will just feel right.

Size of the Dress: You should buy a dress that it a little big for you and can be altered. If the dress is purchased a year before the wedding remember that your weight may fluctuate during this time frame especially with a little added stress that comes with planning a wedding.