What Does it Take to Know If a Man Loves You?

Romance is not always a thing of splendor. It’s possible for someone to have strong feelings for another person and not have those feelings returned. One way to determine if a man loves you is to pay close attention to what he says and does. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

A Matter of Trust

There are things that a man will only discuss with someone he cares about and trusts deeply. That includes thoughts that none of his friends know about and that he would never discuss with relatives. When the man is willing to open up and let a special someone see a side of him that no one else sees, that is definitely a sign of love.

Always a Priority

When a man is in love, the object of his affection is a priority. What that person thinks, feels, or is currently facing suddenly matters a great deal. A man who does not think twice about asking for time off work to accompany a beloved to a funeral or spend the day in a waiting room while the object of his affection undergoes some type of surgical procedure is certainly in love.

Even if it’s more a matter of feeling down and needing someone to talk to, a man in love will show up with a favorite snack, something to drink, and ears that are ready to listen. That may mean rescheduling whatever was already planned for the evening, but that’s okay. The fact that the beloved is the priority right now and everything else can wait tells it all.

No Need to Talk

A man who is in love doesn’t always feel the need to make attempts at witty conversation or feel as if no sounds translates into awkward silence. Instead, the chance to snuggle close and enjoy being together is enough.


A man who does not hesitate to show affection is certainly in love. Whether it be quick kisses over the table while dining out, holding hands during a walk in the park, or something more intense in private, there is no doubt that the man cherishes the presence of the other person.

Remember that what a man says and does provides plenty of clues about how he feels. Be mindful of those signs and it will not be difficult to figure out if love really is in the air.